The hotel lies approximately 10 minutes drive of the motorway E25, between the three villages Oster, Freyneux and Odeigne, in Manhay. It is situated in the splendid nature of the Belgian Ardens. Each season has its charm.

There are a lot of things to do sportive and cultural.

You can walk, cycle, mountainbike, tour on an engine, play golf (in Durbuy), ride horse, kajak and fish. In the winter with the snow you can ski, at Samree and Baraque Fraiture, and cross-country, at Odeigne.

Activities in the area

  • Parc Chlorophylle in Manhay; discover the 1001 mysteries of the forest
  • Topiairy park at Durbuy; a park of 10.000m2 pruned with buxussen in all kinds of forms
  • Chocolaterie Defroidment; shop and guided tour in the chocolate factory
  • The aquarium museum in Luik
  • The water falls of Coo and the attraction park Plopsa Coo
  • Safari park Monde Sauvage in Aywaille
  • The caves of Hotton and the caves of Remouchamps
  • Le Labyrinthe in Barvaux: a giant labyrinth of corn
  • The abbey of Stavelot which accommodates three museums
  • A visit to beer brewer Oster in Oster or La Chouffe (only on appointment)
  • A visit to Luik, Bastogne, Durbuy, La Roche-en-Ardenne and Marche-en-Famenne
  • It is really nice to stroll in the little streets of the picturesque villages in the area like on Sunday morning on the market in Bomal
  • For a days trip you can also cross the border to Germany and Luxembourg to visit the beautiful cities Trier, Monschau and Luxemburg