Breakfast A fine beginning of the day! We serve you all kinds of fresh baked bread, sweet home made cakes, several cheeses, ham, a fresh cooked egg, orange juice, fresh fruit, coffee&tea and other delicious things. The lunch We serve you all kinds of lovely home-made dishes; soups, Begian toast, pancakes, omelets, salads, French fries and excellent apple pie. We also make lunch to take with you. The diner We have a vast menu with all kinds of fish, meat, and vegetarian dishes. Grill or Barbeque For groups we also serve a three course Grill (in the restaurant) or Barbeque (on the terrace). For the young guests up to 12 years we have a special children's menu. Vegetarian food On the menu (lunch & diner) we have lots of different vegetarian dishes. If you let us know in advance, we serve you a vegetarian breakfast. Our restaurant is also open thursday till sunday for guests who don't stay in our hotel You are most welcome, please let us know in advance you are coming.